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Travel Utsjoki

Authentic Arctic Experiences 

In the northernmost corner of the European Union, in Finnish Lapland, lies the municipality of Utsjoki. In the Arctic Tundra and in the heart of the Homelands of the indigenous Sámi people, reindeer herding has been the enabler of life and continuity for centuries.


Travel Utsjoki Ltd is a travel company owned by a Sámi reindeer herder and his family. Travel Utsjoki offers safe, responsible and regenerative travel services and recreational activities year-round in Utsjoki and the surrounding Paistunturi Wilderness Area.

The eight yearly seasons in Northernmost Lapland all have their unique features. With a local reindeer herder and professional local guides of Travel Utsjoki Ltd, you can experience authentic Lapland in the most unique and beautiful setting, away from the crowds. Read more from our web page and book your Authentic Arctic Experience!


Summer and Fall Experiences


Winter and Spring Experiences

About Us

Read more about the Sámi reindeer herding lifestyle and the story behind Travel Utsjoki.

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From Sustainable to Regenerative Travel

Utsjoki is the only municipality in Finland with a Sámi majority and one of the few places where reindeer herding is practiced in its most traditional form. Our arctic nature with its flora and fauna is extremely vulnerable. Regenerative travel is not only making sure that today´s resources are available for future generations as well, it is making sure that what we do now, is proactive in enabling the area and environment to thrive.

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