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Sustainable and Regenerative Travel

In very vulnerable environmental, social and cultural surroundings, such as Utsjoki with its arctic nature and indigenous culture, the production of travel services has to take a step forward on the path of sustainability. Regenerative travel is not only making sure that today´s resources are available for future generations as well, it is making sure that what we do now, is proactive in enabling the area and environment to grow and thrive.


Regenerative Travel in Practice

What we do to achieve this


We follow the Ethical Guidelines for Sàmi Tourism and Metsähallitus Principles of Sustainable Tourism

The Sámi Parliament in Finland has put together a guidance for tourism service providers and visitors, to terminate tourism exploiting Sàmi culture and to safeguard the cultural practices and traditions of Sàmi population. Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland promotes sustainable tourism in protected areas through principles of sustainable tourism.


We commit to the United Nations' sustainable development goals 

To really show that we are committed to sustainability, we will start the application process of Biosphere Certification in summer 2024. With Biosphere program, we can continuously improve our business - and be publicly audited by the Responsible Tourism Institute. We are also a member of We Speak Gay community, to show that we want to be proactive in creating an inclusive society and work against all kinds of discrimination.


We do our best to support local wellbeing

In all of our actions, we aim at supporting the local reindeer herding culture, but also increasing other types of income possibilities. How about a cup of hot crowberry juice during our snowshoe hike, prepared from local berries by a local?


Sustainable Travel Finland -program

Visit Finland has put together a nationwide program with an ambitious goal to make sustainable practices within the travel industry the new normal: to preserve the pure and pristine nature and culture in Finland. Our company will apply for the STF label during fall 2024, for our guests to be sure they are supporting local sustainable tourism efforts!

Travel with Care and Respect

Regenerative Travel is not something a few businesses can do alone. We need commitment from other corporations and the governmental level. Also travelers have an impact on the destinations they visit. Below you can read some examples of how to travel with care and respect in the Arctic region of Utsjoki. If you have some good tips about how to travel sustainably, you can send us a message and we can share your ideas on our website and social media!


Travel Sustainably in Utsjoki

Before you travel, get acquainted with the destination and its specific needs regarding sustainability. Municipality of Utsjoki has put together a site with additional information on sustainable tourism in the Utsjoki region, the Sámi culture, safety and much more. If you are coming to Utsjoki for a hunting tour, please get acquainted with Metsähallitus information about hunting practices and legislation in reindeer herding district (link to information in Finnish).


Traveling in Sámi Homeland

The Sámi Parliament in Finland has put together a guidance for guests arriving to an extraordinary place, where visitors need to pay special attention to holistic sustainability of the destination, especially the well-being of local communities and their chance to live peacefully their everyday lives and private festivities without the negative impacts of tourism.


Make Conscious Decisions

While traveling, please do your research and ask questions. How does your travel provider contribute to local community and environment? Stay for at least a week, when you travel to a remote destination. Use local service providers and local ingredients. Walk on beaten paths and leave no trace in the nature. Read more from Lapland North Destinations' homepage.

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