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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy regarding customer, marketing and order information registers of Travel Utsjoki Ltd.

Controller of registers

Travel Utsjoki Ltd, business ID 3415495-6. Tenontie 114, 99980 Utsjoki Finland. Contact information:


We have a register of our customers, partners, orders and marketing. Our registers may include information about name, email address, phone number, address, personal identity code, invoicing information, use of cookies, services ordered and delivered, information collected in connection with services provided by our partners, customers’ health information, such as information on illnesses and allergies.

Sources of Information

The purpose of registration is to establish a business relationship between Travel Utsjoki Ltd and the customer, to manage the personal data required for collaboration between Travel Utsjoki Ltd and its customers and partners and to enable marketing and development of the business. Personal information may be disclosed for partners in cases of collaboration for service provision. Customers´ consent or a legislative clause is required before processing any customer data. The primary source of personal data is information provided by the customer or partner at the start or in the course of the collaboration, as well as information collected for research purposes through satisfaction surveys concerning the collaboration. Personal data will be deleted after participating in the reserved program. Data collected for use of marketing and development of business will be saved only for the period of time there is consent from customer.

Cookie policy

Cookies are used to make the website function faster, to simplify the login process and to better target the content of the website to the user. 

Our website has HTTPS and all critical processes, such as authentication and payment transactions, are only accessible using at least TLS v1.2.

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