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Summer and Fall Experiences

Summer is all about the blooming forests, open fell landscapes, clear water in hundreds of rivers and lakes, clean air with comfortable temperature, fishing, Sámi cultural events, the Nightless Night with sun not setting at all. In August and September, the nature starts to prepare for the coming winter. Colors turn into Autumn Foliage (ruska) with spectacular red, purple and yellow. As the sun sets earlier and earlier, the Northern Lights appear on the skies with reflections from the lakes. With Travel Utsjoki, you can experience the Arctic Tundra during the snow-free season - safely and guided: We have several options of guided hikes from shorter and easier to longer and more demanding day hikes. Or hop on our minibus and visit important sites in Utsjoki village and learn about the local history and culture. As a municipality with a Sámi majority and protected indigenous livelihoods, Utsjoki really has a unique story to tell. Mabe also join us on a tour to the fjords of Norway and admire the surreal rocks and mountains by the Arctic Ocean? We can also visit a husky farm and meet the huskies and their owner. Utsjoki is also just about one hour drive from the Sea Sámi museum and the Sámi museum Siida with the awarded exhibition, "These Lands Are Our Children".


Our summer and fall services booking calendar is still under construction, so please contact us via email at !


Past and Present in Utsjoki Village


Autumn Northern Lights Tour (Aurora Borealis)


Arctic Time Trek Guided Day Hike


Private Teno River Boatride


Guided Day Hike to Nearby Fells


Arctic Ocean and Northern Norway 


Husky Experiences and Farm Visit

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Scenic Day Hike to Open Tundra


Välimaa Sheep Farm and Vuollegeavnnis Rapids 


Easy Hike to Elleguolbba trail by River Teno

Nuvvus Elisa.jpg

Private Tour with a Photographer


Visit to Inari and the awarded Sámi Museum 

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