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Reindeer in the Arctic Tundra

We welcome You to join us for a day with our reindeer on the fells. You can sit comfortably and safe in a sleigh and watch and learn about traditional Sámi reindeer herding, and if you wish, also participate in feeding our reindeer. During the tour, you get to see the magnificent fell view of Paistunturi wilderness area, listen to stories about life in the Arctic and reindeer herding, enjoy some hot drinks and see reindeer in their natural habitat in the wilderness. This kind of tour is something unique and original to experience!

Book now via email at!

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Reindeer herding is one of the traditional and still very important livelihoods of the indigenous Sámi population, inhabiting the northernmost parts of Europe and Kola Peninsula, Russia. Reindeer herding in practise has evolved around the natural behaviour of the reindeer and the natural conditions, and modern technology (such as GPS collars, motorized transportation, drones etc.) is utilized where it generates benefits. Also societal and environmental processes outside the actual reindeer herding have a massive impact on the livelihood.

Utsjoki is the only municipality in Finland with a Sámi majority and one of the few places where reindeer herding is practiced in its most traditional form. Our reindeer graze in Paistunturi Wilderness area, free on the fells. During the season of deepest snow and hardest conditions to find food in the nature (in spring-winter, meaning the time form February to May), we help our reindeer to survive by herding them, protecting from the predators and bringing them hay to the fells.

The tour includes the sleigh ride starting from Lomatärppi (Tenontie 236, 99980 Utsjoki) to our reindeer in Paistunturi wilderness area, rental helmet and warm drinks, also overall/moonsuit and warm boots (which we recommend to rent for your whole stay in Utsjoki from our colleagues at Utsjoki Tours if you have not already winter gear from your accommodation provider). If you need transportation to the tour starting point, we can pick you up within 10 km from Utsjoki village. Just contact us via email to inquire transportation at booking! 

Important to notice: Please note that there are no toilets available on the tour, only the “natural” way of pee-pee in the forest. Language we use in guiding is English (also Finnish and Northern Sámi, if needed). Our tour is very dependent on weather and snow conditions. If the conditions are not safe to drive on the fells, we will inform you via email at latest 2 hrs prior to the tour and let you know if the tour is postponed. So keep an eye on your email on the morning of the tour! If weather does not permit our tour, we always try to rearrange the tour starting a bit later during the same day or the following day if possible. If tour is cancelled because of weather conditions or if you are unable to participate according to the new schedule, you always get a 100% refund!

Duration: 2-4 hrs

Price: 230 euros (per adult; children under 12 yrs old -50%; children under 4 yrs old sitting on parent´s laps for free). Minimum 2 adults on sleigh.

Private tour for two: 600 euros (on request only)

Availability: March-April

How to book: Our webstore is under construction, so please email us at

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