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Arctic Time Trek


We hike on a trail on the fells in the arctic tundra, in gorgeous colours of the nature. But this is not an ordinary trail, it is also an Arctic Time Trek, a trail going back in time millions of years. By the trail, we will learn about the history of our solar system and how the Earth was born. Altogether our trek is 8 km with elevation as high as 300 meters, so you should have some basic level of fitness to take part on our tour. The duration of the tour depends on the pace of participants, but the tour will approximately 5-8 hours. We will have a lunch break after 5 km walk, but we will also have shorter breaks whenever needed.

What is included: Guided hike on the fells, transportation max 10 km from Utsjoki village, hot drinks, boiling water for lunch break and small snacks.

What to bring: Good hiking shoes, backpack, water bottle of at least 1 litre, outdoor clothing according to temperature and weather conditions, lunch and snacks for the hike (we provide hot drinks and hot water during lunch break by open fire), toilet paper, bandage in case of blisters, personal medication if needed, phone with full battery. Pack waterproof if risk of rain.

Price: 165 eur/person

Availability: 1.8.-30.9.2024

Reservations: /

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