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Scenic Day Hike to Open Tundra


Utsjoki is located in the Arctic Tundra and in the heart of the Homelands of the indigenous Sámi people. During our guided scenic hike to open tundra, you get to see amazing landscapes of Paistunturi Wilderness Area, with the Great River Teno carving its way between the fells in Norway and Finland.

We drive about 20 minutes from Utsjoki village with the car and then hike up to the fells on an unmarked trail. Our trek is about 4 km with elevation up to 500 meters, so you should have some basic level of fitness to take part on our tour.

What is included: Guided 3-4 hour hike, transportation from accommodation max 10 km from Utsjoki village, small snacks and hot drinks.

What to bring: Good hiking shoes, backpack, water bottle of at least 1/2 litre, outdoor clothing according to temperature and weather conditions, wind-proof jacket or warmer jacket for breaks depending on weather (it is always colder on the fells than in the village!), snacks, toilet paper, bandage in case of blisters, personal medication if needed, phone with full battery. Pack waterproof if risk of rain.

Price: 110 eur/person

Availability: 1.6.-30.6., 22.7.-30.9.2024, Mondays at 10 AM

Reservations: /

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