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Guided Day Hike to Fells by Utsjoki Village


Utsjoki is a village nestled between the fells in Northernmost Finnish Lapland. Pure nature awaits right at your door. Get the most out of your stay and join us on a day hike to the nearby fells - safely and guided. Let the wide-open landscapes with rolling fells and river valleys take your breath away, while our local guide tells you about the indigenous Sámi livelihoods and culture in Utsjoki region.

Our trek is 6 km with elevation as high as 300 meters. If you are capable to walk this distance on uneven terrain, you can take part on our tour. The duration of the tour will be 3-6 hours, as we hike on a pace that is comfortable for participants.

What is included: 3-6 hour guided tour, transportation max 10 km from Utsjoki, small snacks and hot drinks.

What to bring: Good shoes for hiking on trail, backpack, water bottle of at least 1/2 litre, outdoor clothing according to temperature and weather conditions, wind-proof jacket or warmer jacket for breaks depending on weather (it is always colder on the fells than in the village!), snacks, toilet paper, bandage in case of blisters, personal medication if needed, phone with full battery. Pack waterproof if risk of rain.

Price: 95 eur/person

Availability: 1.6.-30.6., 22.7.-31.10.2024

Reservations: /

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