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Autumn Northern Lights


Did you know that Utsjoki is one of the best places to see Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis? There is practically no light pollution and as the location is in the polar region, you have about a 90-95 % chance of seeing the Auroras during one week stay in Utsjoki between early September to early April. The Auroras start their night time dance as the evenings get darker. We follow the Finnish Meteorological Institute´s space weather forecast and pick you up from your accommodation at agreed time and head out to look for Auroras dancing on the sky. Dress warm, as sometimes we will be outside for only a short time and another time a few hours, or we might end up driving 100 km to find the Auroras. We never know beforehand how the tour will be. Please note that although we try to maximize the likelihood of seeing Auroras during the tour, we can´t give a 100 % guarantee, as the Auroras are a natural phenomenon, not controlled by us.

During this tour, we search for the Northern Lights with the car and walk only very short distances. If you would like to admire the Northern Lights on a night-time hike to the fells or on a boat ride on the silent river, please send us email to request for a private Northern Lights Tour!

What is included: 1-3 hour guided Northern Lights tour by car, pickup max 10 km from Utsjoki village, hot drinks.

What to bring: Warm clothing, headlamp, phone with full battery. Tripod and camera if you want to photograph Auroras.

Price: 115 eur/person

Availability: 15.9.-31.10.2024

Reservations: /

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