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Past and Present in Utsjoki Village

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What is everyday life like in the Arctic, in the small Sámi village of Utsjoki in Finland? Hop on Travel Utsjoki´s minibus as we visit the Utsjoki Church and church huts by Mantojärvi Lake, Onnelantörmä by River Teno, Sámi Bridge, Village House Giisá and Áiligas fell. Your local guide will explain past and present environmental, social and cultural events and circumstances that have shaped the life of the village today. We stop at a cafeteria and local handicraft shop, where you can purchase handicrafts, hot drinks and pancakes or cinnamon buns. We walk short distances at sites, but the tour can also be modified to suit guests with physical mobility restrictions.

What is included: 2-3 hour guided tour by car, transportation max 10 km from Utsjoki village, permissions to visit Áiligas fell by car.

What to bring: Clothing according to weather, personal medication if needed, phone, card or cash if purchasing local handicrafts or snacks from cafeteria.

Price: 75 eur/person

Availability: 1.6.-30.6., 22.7.-31.10.2024, Tuesdays at 2 PM

Reservations: /

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