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Arctic Tundra Safari

Paistunturi is a large wilderness area in Northernmost Lapland in Utsjoki. In this 1500 square kilometer large wilderness area, stunning sceneries after another are exposed, as the gentle rolling fells are crossed by deep carved river valleys. From the highest fell tops, you get a great view over the entire wilderness area, as far as to the fells in Norway. Paistunturi wilderness area has only a few marked trails and wilderness cabins. Paistunturi is reindeer-herding area of the indigenous Sámi population, and more than 6000 reindeer graze in Paistunturi area.  

Book your tour to Paistunturi with us, sit back and enjoy the scenery! 

Our webstore is under construction, so please email us at to inquire availability!


The best season to explore deep inside Paistunturi is winter or early spring, when the area is accessible with snowmobile and sleigh. During the Polar Night from December to January, the pastel colors paint the sky during day time, and beautiful moonlight, stars and Northern Lights in the evening and night time. Polar Night is maybe the most beautiful and peaceful time of the year. When the sun rises again in February, beautiful sunshine reflects from the snow-covered fells. Northern Lights can still be seen at later evening and at night until end of March. As summer gets closer, there is still lots of snow on the fells, but temperature is more comfortable than during mid-winter. In April, the villages are empty and quiet, as all locals are enjoying skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and ice fishing on the fells.

Paistunturi Wilderness Area is a demanding but rewarding destination. A local guide is a must-have when exploring this wilderness area. On our tour, you will get to explore the north parts of Paistunturi Wilderness Area, easily and safely. Our guide will drive you through the stunning views of Paistunturi Wilderness Area, and you will sit comfortably and warm in a sleigh. We carry binoculars with us, so we can look for our reindeer grazing freely in the wilderness area without disturbing them. You will be provided with information and stories about the geology, traditional nature-based livelihoods and Sámi culture – or just enjoy the silence. 

The tour includes the sleigh ride, rental helmet and warm drinks and a small snack, also overall/moonsuit and warm boots if needed (which we recommend to rent for your whole stay in Utsjoki from our colleagues at Utsjoki Tours if you have not already winter gear from your accommodation provider). We have a few different starting points for the tour, depending on the snow and weather conditions. All starting points are less than 5 km from Utsjoki village. The guide will inform the starting point one day before the tour and transportation can be arranged up to 10 km from the village if needed for a small extra cost.

Important to notice: Please note that there are no toilets available on the tour, only the “natural” way of pee-pee in the forest. Language we use in guiding is English. This tour is very dependent on weather and snow conditions. If the conditions are not safe to drive on the fells, we will inform you via email at latest 2 hrs prior to the tour and let you know if the tour is postponed. So keep an eye on your email on the morning of the tour! If weather does not permit our tour, we always try to rearrange the tour starting a bit later during the same day or the following day if possible. If tour is cancelled because of weather conditions or if you are unable to participate according to the new schedule, you always get a 100% refund!

Duration: 2-3 hrs

Price: 195 euros per adult (children under 12 yrs old -50 %; smaller children travelling on parents laps for free; private tours on request)

Availability: December-April, depending on the snow conditions. 

How to book: Our webstore is under construction, so please send us email at to book!

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